Customer Care Kenya

Recently my partner went to visit the Kenya Power customer care centre, to ask why our power bill had suddenly increased by 70% after 9 months in the same place. Kenya Power are the government owned, sole provider of power in Kenya. When I say provider of power, there is hardly a day when we do not experience an outage, but that’s another story.

So, off went my partner, armed with copies of 10 months bills, to the local customer care centre. “Go into town with that”, they helpfully informed her. Apparently Customer Care wasn’t available at that centre.

Town is an unpleasant experience at the best of times, with queues often stretching over 50 meters, outside the building and onto the streets. Anyway, once at the front of the queue, my partner presented the evidence and asked for an explanation. Here’s how the conversation went…

Customer Carer: “That’s the bill, just go pay it over there.”
Partner: “But can you explain why it has increased so much so suddenly?”
Customer Carer: “That’s the bill, just go pay it over there.”
Partner: “But wont you even take a look and explain what happened?”
Customer Carer: (more loudly this time) “Can you see the length of the queue behind you? I have to serve all these people, now stop wasting my time and go pay the bill.”

My partner walked away feeling rather self conscious at all the attention and a failure for being none the wiser.

The man who was next in line was escorted out of the building by security for threatening physical harm against said Carer for the level of care she gave him.

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